The Direct Path to Liberation

Young woman relaxedly practicing self-inquiry in her home shows how easy it is to meditate, and how relaxing.

The Direct Path to Liberation

What is liberation? There are so many different views about what liberation, awakening or enlightenment is, and it can be quite confusing. Many who claim to have had an awakening, are speaking of the initial opening up of the heart and mind to spirituality. But historically, that isn’t the description of enlightenment. There’s so much more! This amazing and life-changing experience of enlightenment transcends human experience itself! It’s much more than intellectually and emotionally accepting concepts. It’s a total life-changing occurrence in a life, and it eradicates personal suffering!

Open-mindedness is Key

I feel that there have been many wise ones who have come before us and paved the way for us. Some of their teachings show us how to walk that spiritual path to liberation. These amazing teachings have been overlooked by many, in the name of independent and free thinking. It seems that many Westerners are so caught up in not having a guru, like that is some grand achievement in itself, that we summarily disregard even the direct and ancient teachings that lead to true inner freedom.

Sri Ramana Maharshi lived a life of communion with the Beloved from the age of 16, at his awakening. Observing his life, we see strict adherence to love in all his words and actions, throughout all his 70 years. We also see that there were others who benefited from being in his presence and also attained spiritual liberation through self-inquiry.

What is Self-inquiry?

Ramana Maharshi explained that the path to enlightenment is a simple one, in that no rituals, exercises or beliefs are necessary. He taught spiritual liberation through the simple method of self-inquiry. This is the method wherein one asks oneself sincerely, “Who Am I?” in meditation. The point is to realize and no longer feel separation from the Self, the Beloved Divine within. Simple in its purity, Self-inquiry is a tried and true method of inner guidance. It can awaken us to truth at our deepest core being. Self-inquiry can liberate us, in the process, from personal desires and attachments. It can help us transcend mind and thought, getting to the very root of ourselves. And that core is the unified, undivided Self.

So if liberation from the suffering caused by the mind is your goal, be sure to check out the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi. He wrote or edited many books himself, and they clearly show the way. (The website of, has links to many of these teachings as free pdf downloads.) Sri Ramana Maharshi was, and continues to be, a beacon of light for those of us who desire more than what this world offers.

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