The Direct Path to Liberation

What is liberation? There are so many different views about what liberation, awakening or enlightenment is, and it can be quite confusing. Many who claim to have had an awakening,…

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Feel Your Anger

Many of us continue to hold onto old anger somewhere in our psyches, and try not to feel it. Year after year, we remember our anger towards someone, and it…

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Be a Blessing to Yourself 

Be gentle Tread lightly Walk slowly Savor A soft hand leads you.   Let love be your guide your only guide your one and only guide. Love’s words are not…

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Acceptance leads to peace

Acceptance — A Gift from the Universe

What if you accepted everything that came your way as if it were a gift from the Universe? What would your life look like, if you made this your daily…

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Eye of the Storm

  We frequently find ourselves in the midst of an emotional storm. It can be through our own doing, or other people’s dramas that affect us. I’m going through one…

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