Welcome Photo taken at dusk, of Maureen with open hands.

I welcome you to go on a journey of transformation with me, into your heart center, that place within that is pure love…

**You want to be healthy.
Your body’s healing ability is astounding.
When given the right set of conditions,
Your body can heal itself.**

A transformational energy session is a spirit walk through and around your unique energy system. I say that I welcome you to your transformation because we work together to sense and identify energy patterns that need acknowledgment and integration, moving the energy as needed for a positive change that is sustained after the visit. We may even release old energy that no longer benefits you.

Whether it be anxiety, depression, chronic illness or acute emotional or physical issues, among other challenges, I work with you to energetically release their hold on you, and integrate your past experiences in a better way. The Reiki energy works on physical issues, as well, promoting pain relief and deep healing. What’s more, this work lifts you up, so you feel better about yourself and empowered to move forward. There’s a clarity that comes through, that will sustain you even after the session. The end result is a greater feeling of ease and lightness. And that’s only the beginning..

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In-Person Sessions now available.

**Masking and COVID-19 Notification Requirements for Businesses in Washington State

Businesses may not serve any customer not in compliance with face covering requirements

As of July 7, 2020, businesses are required to demand that all customers and employees comply with the statewide face covering requirement. The statewide order requires that masks be worn inside any building or business open to the public, outdoor public areas when six feet of social distancing cannot be maintained, and other settings. No goods or services are to be furnished to customers not in compliance with statewide face covering requirements.