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What is Reiki?

What makes intuitive Reiki sessions special?

Reiki is a natural and beautiful energy that returns us to our inborn peacefulness and resilience. This lovely energy is constantly flowing throughout our intuitive Reiki energy sessions, to meet your physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Reiki and the intuitive guidance I receive help to loosen stagnant emotions and their related energies. We tend to carry these energies that can affect us negatively, until we realize that we can release them. Reiki calms the mind and helps make room for a natural lightness of being.

What makes my work unique is the integration of sacred messages into my sessions. You’ll receive a page-long channeled message and items to remember and practice, to take home with you. I offer you this support so that you can consciously maintain your state of wellbeing in your everyday life.

As you come more and more into your own balance, your life will fill with more ease, and become freer. Let me help usher you into presence. 


Listen to Maureen’s radio interview by Animal Intuitive and Medium, Darcy Pariso, where she discusses Personal Transformation. Enjoy a Special Bonus: a channeled healing song sung by Maureen during the show.

What Reiki Can Do For You

Empowering Your Life's

Awakening the Spirit Within

If you wonder about spirituality and you feel something is missing in life, come with an open mind and experience a deeper sense of peace. Reiki softens our hearts to our innate spirituality in a gentle way. Come and see!
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Finding Clarity and Direction

Reiki energy work combined with direct psychic messages work harmoniously to help clear your mind and energy field of the distractions that distort your heart's call. In other words, clearing and balancing your energy helps you to align with your inner guru. But don't just take my word for it! Come and see!"
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Restoring Well-being

When life has given you lots of lemons, come see me. We'll discover your life's sugar so you can make some nice, cooling lemonade! In other words, I can help you to see things in a more positive, heart-centered way. Resting your mind is a big key and Reiki can lead you home. I look forward to working with you!
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Let's journey together to unlock your innate wholeness!

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Learn the Secret to Well-Being

The messages in my blog posts have one goal: to uplift the spirit and offer some guidance so that your life becomes happier. Some of these newer posts for 2024 will consist of channeled messages and love notes to and from the Divine, the Beloved, which is our Source, Spirit, God, Higher Self or Universe. (Any name you use for that higher power or awareness, that feels good to you, works!) 😇

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