Why Practice Reiki?

Why Practice Reiki?

Divine Balance
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Many of my Reiki 1 students, despite writing rave evaluations about their experiences in class, do not move on to Reiki 2. Some don’t practice regularly. I’ve always wondered about that, and I have many theories. I realize that there is no one answer, and that each person has their own life story. I respect that, too. After all, at one time, I thought energy healing was a bunch of hokum. I had my own path to follow, and it took many years to get here.

Reiki is Home

Reiki is a practice that transcends our personal experiences, though. Let me explain. In the 10 years since I began practicing, I have undergone large shifts in awareness and even in my personal life. I left a teacher after working closely with her for 5 years, and I put lots of what she taught on a shelf for some later consideration. That left me questioning all my beliefs and practices. I also have had friends come and go. I recently left another church (I had done this twice before!). Some of these changes were quite upsetting and ground shaking. But through it all, I had Reiki. I had the closeness of Source, without judgment, holding me and healing me with Reiki. I always had a home.

Reiki is Balance

Because of Reiki, my foundation was shored up through all the tempests of my life. I’d love to have my students see that Reiki can seriously help in every area of life, when Reiki is tried and tested personally. Yogananda, who brought self-realization through yogic practices to the United States in 1920 noticed that Americans loved experimentation and the scientific pursuit of truth. He asked why we didn’t experiment on ourselves! He wanted people to try out what he said to see if it’s true.  I can only repeat his challenge to my own students of Reiki…try it out on yourself and see if it’s true!

Take the Reiki Challenge

I did, and everything is better because of that decision.