LOVE Your Boo Monster!

Love your Boo Monster

LOVE Your Boo Monster!

When I was studying Shamanism with a teacher years ago, I was accused of loving my negative ego. Instead of making my ego shut up, or ignoring it, or quieting my mind, the teacher accused me of listening to and allowing it to run my life. This was sure to be detrimental to my spiritual growth, the idea being that I should give no ground to “the mind” or ego, as it brought up negative stuff from my past, or made me feel bad because I was caught in a cycle of anxiety. I had, at that point, done a lot of self-therapy to help me discover the root causes of my problems. When the teacher accused me this way, it really hurt my feelings. If nothing else, I always tried to be conscientious in catching my “Boo Monster” in its tricks. 

She called the ego’s negative self talk “Boo Monster” because it was guiding me from a basis of fear. It was a monster that cast doubts and offered no affirmations nor substance. It wasn’t helpful… ever!

Acknowledge Your Boo Monster

About a year ago, I found that acknowledging these negative feelings actually stopped them from being so obtrusive. In my mind’s eye, I could see my inner child, around four years old, crying and being afraid. She was saying that I shouldn’t try anything new, that it was scary and I might fail. I would see and hear this inside whenever a new opportunity presented itself. I frequently greeted new ideas with fear, and I tried to push away both; status quo was so much safer. 

But this time, instead of imagining my inner child on my lap and telling her I had everything under control, which was one tactic I tried using numerous times without any measurable results in the fear-decreasing department, I acknowledged to her that I did feel unsafe. I said what I felt, that I felt vulnerable and fearful. My inner child’s response to this was that she actually calmed down, for the first time, and walked to the playground, instead of continuing to cry on my lap! I acknowledged my feelings. It was so surprising to realize that she just wanted to be heard!

Feelings are so important, yet we’re taught that they can’t be given priority. But as soon as I acknowledged the feelings my so called “Boo Monster” was warning me about, my fear level went way down.  

Acceptance Will Set You Free

So yes, I do love my “Boo Monster.” I love that it informs me of what I’m feeling deep inside. I love that it’s a part of me that is trying to keep me safe. And I also love the fact that when I acknowledge my feelings, that recognition and acceptance of myself and what I’ve experienced in the past, good or bad, allows me to become calm. 

I’d Love to Help YOU tame your Boo Monsters

My intuitive guidance and Reiki were instrumental in learning to love and accept all the different parts of my personality. I’d love to help you with this important work. Call me at (425) 409-9594 for an intuitive Reiki session today!


To learn more about the “Boo Voice,” check out “Freedom From Fear; Overcoming Anxiety, Phobias and Panic” by Howard Liebgold, MD.