Maybe I Was Born This Way…

Maybe I Was Born This Way…

sitting in meditation, calming words

Each of us can choose how to live. I have chosen to live in service to the Divine Beloved and to the Divine in others, and I’ve done this for a long time. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Catholic nun. Hmm..maybe I was born this way..

In Reiki, we are taught to become hollow reeds for the Divine healing to flow through. I always wonder how a door will open in conversation to let Spirit in, if an insight for better living will come to someone I’m with while I’m with them, or if I can be a conduit for more light and awareness for someone. Sometimes, that someone turns out to be myself, which I also love! I revel in being this hollow reed on the earth. This is my mode d’être.

That sounds like a hard way to live! It’s not hard, nor is it a restless, antsy or zealous way of living. It’s more a calm, curiosity based inner feeling that I carry around inside me, a willingness to be available. I honor the paths of each person I meet, and I understand that each path is unique. What I hope to offer is a way for each person to evolve and grow from their own starting point.

How is this done? I employ good listening. My nursing training and experience have helped me to hone those skills. Working with my Spirit Guides and with clients in my practice, listening becomes even more crucial, especially since I don’t ask any personal questions before my sessions. I receive information from what is termed “the field”, which is the person’s whole being, and it speaks to me in pictures, words and feelings during an intuitive Reiki session. Together with the help of my Spirit Guides,  I receive lots of information to help me to determine where it is that the client should begin to heal.

Why do I live this way? Because I love it.