Coronavirus and Trust – What Can I Do to Feel Better?

Feeling of not knowing what is beyond the path we can see

Coronavirus and Trust – What Can I Do to Feel Better?

What’s Going On?

Many of us wonder what this Coronavirus is all about, and how we can trust the universe, in the face of this pandemic. I’m not answering this as a nurse, although that is my background and training. I’d like to address this question from the belief that we all are in the hands of Source. In my experience, it seems that everything happens is for a good reason, although we don’t always know what that reason is, especially at the time. Science gives us information on what is physically happening, but the question of why always looms in the background of the mind. We ask ourselves how we can trust that this pandemic is for our highest and best good, especially when people are dying because of it.

I can tell you this, that amidst the suffering, there are definitely some unusual positives happening around the world, stuff that hasn’t ever been seen in my lifetime. People are stopping their busy lives. Somehow, many of us, at all the divided factions of this reality, be it political, economic or social, are realizing that “other” is a valuable being in need, just like us. This Coronavirus pandemic is cutting through the divisions of color, race, and creed in a way nothing else has really been able to do. It’s cutting through the conditioning that we’ve absorbed from our culture that says others are inferior to us. But the knowledge that there is good happening because of the pandemic, doesn’t stop the mind from questioning, nor the recurring anxiety.

Can We Help?

So what can we do? Send a blanket of love to our world. Experiment with spending more time, now that stillness is more possible, simply being.  We can create art, in whichever way suits us. We can listen to uplifting music and shut off social media and news for most of the day. Try out helping a neighbor in need with a positive message, and whatever else they may have need of. We can exercise love for ourselves with physical exercise, healthy food, and following safety precautions.

However, I would say that the best personal exercise during this Coronavirus outbreak is trust. It’s probably the most important exercise of all, anyway. When we trust Source and let our minds rest in that trust, we feel good. For me, the feeling of being antsy and anxious goes away when I trust. It’s like a reset button in my psyche. “Oh, yeah,” I say, when I remember again, “I have spirit guides and angels that love me and I am held in their strong arms of love.” Then I can feel the energy in that, and remind myself that I’m a Source energy being of light. I visualize the light filling me, and as I feel it, I get calm again. Lately, I’ve been doing this multiple times in a day!

Soothing Sessions

If you need help to feel less anxious, less worried, and if you’re out of sorts and unbalanced by the constant bombardment of bad news and new information, consider a calming, long-distance session with me. In the comfort of your home, via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or telephone, I would love to give you a channeled message and an intuitive Reiki energy session. You will feel balanced and renewed during and after your session. You may record your session to listen to later. I am offering $21 off with discount code SPRINGSINGLE for an individual session and a $45 discount for a package of 3 with the discount code SPRINGPACK at this time, and I’d love to see you and work with you. Be sure to enter that code when you schedule.


In closing, I want to reiterate the truth, as I experience it, that each one of us is loved and connected as a Source energy being of light, as well. I don’t have a corner on light! We all are light! Some of us simply haven’t really felt it as deeply as others. The Coronavirus pandemic is challenging us to take this opportunity and test our trust. Opt into the test and see the magic unfurl!