The Greatest “Conspiracy Theory” of Them All

Contains the greatest "conspiracy theory" of them all, that the universe is conspiring in your favor

The Greatest “Conspiracy Theory” of Them All

Imagine if you seriously believed that the universe was constantly conspiring in your favor. What would life be like for you, if this was your core belief in each moment, no matter what was happening? This actually is the greatest “conspiracy theory” of them all, that the universe has your back at all times. This is the operating principle of life on this planet! How would a belief like that feel?

Well, you’d probably look around in wonder at all the beauty around you, and enjoy it all even more!  Instead of anxiously anticipating the other shoe dropping, or some negative event negating the joy of this moment, you’d be looking for the gift behind each event in your life. Maybe you’d be looking around the corner for the next surprise!

You’d love people without worrying about what they think, or what it would look like to others. Moreover, you’d know that you were going to be blessed, somehow, in and by every interaction. You’d know and feel all this because of the belief that ultimately, the Universe will work it out in your favor. And it would follow that the universe is also conspiring in other people’s favor, too, as well as for the good of our planet.

Feeling the Feelings

I was out at my friend Stacy’s ranch this week to be with the horses there, to brush them and give them a spa day, to let them run in the arena, and work with them a bit. (Don’t worry, I was physically distancing from people, LOL!) While working with Gee, a beautiful, white 16 year old gelding, my emotions bubbled up from a place deep inside, as I noticed his dependence on me and the trust that he has in me to care for him kindly. I began to cry. The words that I spoke to Stacy were, “I want people to be kind to me.” I felt vulnerable again, which is how I repeatedly felt as a kid. 

Back in middle school, other kids frequently attacked me because of my skin color. I grew up in New York during the 70s, during a time of lots of racial tension. Having to check staircases before going outside, to make sure nobody was there, was a way of life in the public housing where we lived. This is where the vulnerable feeling and the fear came from.

I realized, the other day at the ranch, that I was still carrying a deep fear of being hurt. Back when I was a preteen, I had a fear of people who did not even know me, but simply saw my skin color as the problem they heard about at home. The fear persisted, although I am now safe and haven’t had any problems of this sort, as an adult. The fear, nevertheless, lurked beneath the surface, and it had morphed into a generalized anxiety about doing new things and going to new places. I continued carrying the worry about not being treated kindly.

Releasing Fear

This pandemic crisis is again bringing up the old fears that we’ve carried, in order to release them and integrate their lessons in a positive way. It’s a clearing of our root chakras, and it’s part of an important preparation process so that we all can move, as a collective, into a higher vibration of living. In other words, clearing of these old fears is important, so that we can make more space for the gift of trust.

Trust is at the basis of our spiritual evolution. It’s at its core. As for me, I had released a lot of this fear over the years, yet remnants of a fearful, younger me that needed loving attention, remained. Gee helped me realize this, and I thank him for that. 

My way of living is about trust, and my desire is to trust the universe more. I hold my spirit guide’s hand as I walk, and with my heart, I feel into how to live. When I receive a message, I pay attention. I asked my guide a couple of days ago what the gift was for me, in this pandemic. He said, “Silence.” I’m still chewing on what this means for me. 

Anxiety Dispelled

If the greatest “conspiracy theory” of them all, that the universe was conspiring to bless me, was my core belief, upon which I based all my actions and ultimately, my life, would I be experiencing anxiety? Of course not, because I would know in my heart that everything works out at the end of every story. The belief that the universe is always conspiring in my favor would help me to relax into the usual situations that get me anxious. “It’s all under control,” I’d say to myself, “and I can be myself now, without repercussions.” I’m working on it, and I can say I’m a lot less anxious than I ever was!

Consider with me, if you will, what a day would be like if you started it with the thought that this world is a playground in which to experience life. Because the universe is conspiring to bless you, you no longer feel judged. On the contrary, you feel celebrated! Can you feel what that would be like?

Developing Trust

“But how can I develop this trust?”, you may ask. Trust is a mindset. You develop the building blocks of trust step by step. What I mean is that trust is a process that builds upon itself. It brings its bearer into its depths in stages. It can seem sort of like getting into a cool swimming pool to play a fun game with your kids. At some level, you already know it’s okay in there, because the kids are in there laughing and playing. Because it’s kind of cold, you take your time and get used to the water, step by step. Soon, you’re totally immersed, at last. As you get used to it, you feel buoyant and happy, like it was the most natural thing in the world. You can’t imagine what all the fuss was about. 

Keeping with the pool metaphor, to develop trust, you need to be willing to test out the waters. Over time, you’ll see that trusting the universe actually works in your life and is safe. You’ll realize that the greatest “conspiracy theory” of them all, that the universe is conspiring in your favor, is in fact real and reliable. But yes, you need to take the initial step. 

Looking Back for Clarity

As an action item, I invite you to look back on your life and see that things actually did work out for your best, in the end. You have developed wisdom and discernment, and that comes through experiences of all kinds. 

In closing, we know that trust can be difficult and can take many years to master, especially after experiencing tragedies. However, having an open heart to this belief in the greatest “conspiracy theory” of all, that the universe is conspiring for our benefit, resonates and uplifts. It’s life-changing and life affirming because it helps us see deeper into our experiences. We can be inspired to trust even though we don’t understand the challenges in our lives, while we’re going through them. By looking at how we’ve made it through so far, we can muster the strength to jump in, when offered the opportunity, which will, for sure, come.