Who Are You?

Who Am I, photo by septian-simon

Who Are You?


Who are we, really? Are we more than our labels, societal roles, familial roles or classifications? Why do we do what we do in our lives, truly? In other words, are we more than what we do or who we seem to be on the outside?

Who am I?

These questions can help us to get to the heart of what drives us and what we really love. They lead us to our core, to “the Watcher,” as Eckhart Tolle describes in his books and lectures. The Watcher is that part of us that observes all we do with calmness and without judgment. It’s the unique “Me,” our true nature, our authentic selves. The Watcher doesn’t care about fads or responsibilities. It only cares about our highest soul purpose, which is our own unique way of being.

Let Your Love Shine

We all have a way of bringing light and love into the world. Our core selves know it well, but conditioning via our culture and upbringing, as well as the hurts we’ve endured, have their way with us, covering over our light. Our job is to uncover those parts of our innocence so that our authentic selves can come through. It takes courage… and love.

My Reiki clients frequently ask about their life’s purpose. The general answer, which isn’t exactly what they want to hear, but is a pointer in that direction, is that our life’s purpose is to be love wherever we are. Being love to ourselves and to everything and everyone is a great way to live. Let’s start there…and end there. Nothing we do satisfies so deeply as being love. It’s our true nature.

A wonderful meditation to help us on our way to self-knowledge and peace is to chant inwardly “love.” Feel it inside you and around you as you chant it. Inhale “lovvvvve” and exhale “lovvvve,” like the waves of the sea. It’s easy and centering. Try it for 10 minutes a day, and see what happens.