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Do you ever stumble across something that lifts you right out of a fearful mood, like a joke or a video, maybe a line from a book you just finished reading, or a few words spoken by a friend who doesn’t know how you feel? And you begin to laugh! Well, your body can’t multitask emotions, so it throws aside the first emotion and takes on the second one — happiness and laughter! Then you marvel at what an Unexpected gift you’ve just received!

The Universe Works in Unexpected Ways

Do you ever want something in your heart, maybe not yet even verbalized, and the answer shows up? Like you wanted that candle display and then your friend gives it to you, no questions asked! Or you wanted to be successful and it happens, but in another town! Maybe you desired a piece of silk to meditate upon and then someone you just met says she has a gift for you — a huge piece of silk! Or you really admired someone’s patience, and then you were presented with lots of annoying opportunities to hone your own patience. Wow, the way the Universe works! Unexpected gifts!
As you may have guessed, all these have happened to me or to a close friend. We can ask, manifest, or intend all we want. Yeah, it works. But then you need to take what comes as a result. Sometimes, it doesn’t come in the color you wanted (the silk!), or in the city you love (Bellevue, not Edmonds!), or in the way you envisioned (I developed my own patience!), yet the gift is given.

A Blessing in Disguise

When it happens to you, what will your response be? I want mine to be, “Thank you, Supreme Being, for all good gifts, all perfect gifts, which you’ve given me.” And I treasure the ultimate blessing.
On the other hand, if I am suffering and I can see that the pain I am going through is for a purpose, I can be thankful even while still in the learning phase! This is what I strive for.
There is a saying that hindsight is 20/20, but to be able to see clearly, to be aware of what you’re learning during the learning experience itself, is X-ray vision!

There are No Accidents

Hone your Superperson skills by remembering that there are no accidents, that your life is precious, and that your experiences are tailor-made for your growth. Oh, and remember that the Universe conspires to amaze and confuse us, and thus to bless us!