Treasure Yourself

Treasure Yourself

Treasure Yourself

Have you ever treasured yourself?


Have you ever looked into your own eyes in a mirror and smiled genuinely? Have you ever put your hands over your belly and closed your eyes, thanking the Universe within for yourself?

I believe in unanswered questions

Sometimes an answer shuts down the asking process too quickly. Sometimes, an unanswered question can be savored, looked at from different angles, answered myriad ways, even answered in paradoxical ways. It’s not a test. It’s an exploration. Let’s explore these questions together. Looking inward, can you love the life that is deeper than your physical being, that resides deeper within? Can you feel it when you sit quietly in acceptance of yourself? Why would treasuring yourself be helpful?

We are more than we think we are

Without me telling you all that you are, can you feel it yourself? The feelings may not come with words. That’s okay.

Let me help you find yourself in your hidden depths

My sessions are self empowering. They help you to feel your true inner life, and release whatever is hiding you from your own brightness. Come explore with me, but start the process by treasuring yourself today, wherever you are sitting, reading this.

Your fan,