Will I Still Be Me?

Will I Still Be Me?

Reiki is spiritual work, and heals us from the inside out. Ultimately, instead of being less YOU as you progress on your spiritual path, you become more clearly yourself, freed more and more from other’s expectations for you, and even free from what you may have thought you needed to become happier. As you feel your connection to

Free to Be More YOU
Photo by Josh Adamski on Unsplash

the Divine through meditation, Reiki and your other spiritual practices, your realization begins to grow that all you need is already deep inside you. You will increasingly act from your intuition as you learn, through experience, to trust it more. You’ll also have fewer and fewer intrusive, useless or negative thoughts and more appreciation for the wind, the trees, nature, all people, your home, and your family, as you see the Divine in everything and everyone. The spiritual path is rewarding in so many ways!

Free to be more YOU

I remember feeling worried that if I continued on in Reiki and my personal spiritual work, I wouldn’t be “me” or recognizable to myself, and it continues to come up every so often. In 10 years of practicing Reiki, I’ve found the opposite to be true. I still am ME. I have free will. I have fewer hangups and can flow easier with each situation. I see the hand of the Divine in wherever I’m guided, and it thrills me to be of service. And I endeavor to see Her hand in my hardships as well as my joys.

Thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts with you.