Diving Deeper than the Coronavirus Headlines

Diving Deeper than the Coronavirus Headlines, this diver is curious about what lies in the cave beneath the sea

Diving Deeper than the Coronavirus Headlines

Instead of constantly checking the news about the Coronavirus outbreak, or speculating about why it’s here, this is a great time for all of us to clean house. I’m not talking about cleaning your physical domicile, but about diving deeper than the Coronavirus headlines by looking within ourselves, to see exactly what about this pandemic is upsetting us most today.

What Bothers You Most?

Maybe you’re worried about dying. Many of us have that fear. Or possibly the thought of being on a ventilator may be freaking you out, like it did for about a minute yesterday for me! Total freak-out! You may be worried about carrying the virus undetected, because you’re seemingly well and haven’t been tested, and you’re concerned about possibly infecting others with weak immune systems. I’ve had that thought, too, and that’s why I’m no longer walking with my dear friend, although we had been walking 6 feet apart. What’s more, the thought of so much illness in the world and not being able to help, might be upsetting you. Yes, that’s gotten me upset, too. 

What I am doing today is picking the most upsetting part of this equation of my mind, and starting there. For me, the underlying irritation today is the fact that I am not working. My work is very gratifying because I’m able to help other people heal in tangible ways, physically, emotionally and spiritually. As a nurse, this has always been my goal. Now, as an energy intuitive, the work is even deeper and more lasting in the lives of my clients. But I’m doing much less of it now, even though I’m offering my transformational energy work remotely

Feeling Worthless

Not being able to do this work now, shines a light on my own feelings of disempowerment. I feel worthless when I can’t work for a prolonged time. I feel like I’m not even here. Yesterday, I asked my husband if he feels he lives alone, or if her feels he lives with a person. That’s how my deep insecurities are coming up for me now. They are old, old feelings from the past, of unworthiness, and almost of feeling non-existent. And these insecurities are mixed with the idea that unless we are contributing members of society, we are worthless. 

Gaining Perspective

The great part of the picture is that I’ve already dealt with all this before! So this time, it’s easier, in a way. I know where it came from, and it’s a known feeling. In this spiraling-up process, we revisit issues again and again until they are resolved, integrated and healed. I’m doing this now. I am able to put everything into perspective, as I write this. 

What an opportunity for diving deeper into Presence, for healing myself this time, instead of distracting myself from my discomfort with the Coronavirus headlines and endless articles! Moving through the feelings I had, I then accepted them. They are part of my way of thinking. I acknowledge the part of me that loves to be of service, and I don’t want to lose that part. The truth is that I enjoy doing my work! So here’s my process, in detail. I accepted the part of me that felt hurt, as a child. The next step is that I accepted the feeling of being insignificant or of no consequence. I also accepted the pain from that feeling, and the desire that I had of wanting to be heard and acknowledged for who I was. I hugged that part of me, little Maureen, that needed loving acceptance. 

Diving Deeper for Support

This is a great time to tell myself, the little inner child who is hurt, that I will always be here for her, that I love her and that to me, she is super significant and important. I can tell her whatever I feel, to nurture her and accept her. I don’t want to change her, however. She is perfect in her purity, her pain and her sincerely genuine vulnerability. She is open and loving. I want to keep those traits within me. Of course, loving her in her pain is loving myself in my pain! That love is the balm of healing that I offer myself. It feels good!

The healing process is an unearthing of old beliefs that hold us back. In this case, I held the belief that I was insignificant. I love that part of myself, because after all, it is part of the fabric of my life experience. In answer to that question of mine, to my husband, he said he feels he does live with a person, and he added that the feeling of not being there is the way a kid would think about themselves. That point spurred me on to see what the feeling was all about, with the added bonus of realizing that the idea was from my childhood. Thanks, Cal!

Diving Deeper brings Treasures of Peace

What could be better than peacefulness, in this time of uncertainty? I hope you can use this method to reveal your underlying emotions that need to be cleared. When old emotions and feelings are cleared, it’s easier to be grateful and show compassion to others. The more we clear, the more easily we can access the peace within. I hope you can use this simple method of following the upset feelings that come up for you, to their roots, and that you show compassion to yourself.

Coronavirus Action Item

In closing, I wanted to let everyone know about an online intention group that happens on Facebook every Wednesday morning at 9am, for 10 minutes or so. It’s one of the ways I have found, to be of service. People from all over the world are joining in to hold the intention that the Coronavirus stops spreading. The intention this past Wednesday was “Our intention is that in every area in the world where the coronavirus is epidemic that it be immediately, permanently and completely curtailed by at least 10 per cent or more, with no more fatalities, so that rapid transmission drastically declines.” Visit Lynne McTaggart’s Facebook page for more information. See you there!