Service Is An Act of Love

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Service Is An Act of Love

Service. What is it and why bother? I seriously never hear this word from people any more. It’s as if it doesn’t even exist. There’s lots of talk about doing what you love, living in the present moment, and enjoying the now and the gifts we have. There’s talk of manifesting stuff we want. And there’s some discussion around sharing what’s on our hearts. But where did “service” go, in our awareness?

Service Helps Us Get Out of Our Own Way

Doing service is part and parcel to showing compassion. When we are with a loved one who is sick, we ask them what we can do to help them, to make it better. This is pure service, and it’s directly linked to our love.

In the same way, our angels and loving spirits of light want to give us gifts, help us heal, and serve us. It’s just part of the compassion that’s in their makeup. It’s their character.

Love in action is service. And we are being called to love and serve, because this is our true nature. That’s why it feels so good. Service is the missing link for many of us, to help us to get out of our own way, so we can be balanced and joyful.

When we are willing to put love first, ahead of our wants, it surprises people. When people see us serving, they sense the difference in us.

There Are So Many Ways to Serve

Sometimes I serve through a smile, a nod, or a thank you. Sometimes I serve through providing energy healing, a channeled message, or a song. I want to serve in my words, that they may bless and uplift another. Ultimately, I want to help people to see and feel their own innate union with the Divine Beloved.

There are many ways to serve, but thankfully, we don’t have to think about them. Just having a heart of love will draw people, because that attitude and way of being naturally puts us in the flow of spirit.

Try service out and see what happens!

~ Maureen Rivelle