Love Notes from Heaven

Awakening the Heart to the Beloved Within

Channeled Messages are messages that I receive from my spirit guide before your session, to help you on your path. Each one is unique because you are unique, and you will receive a different one at each visit. I type up your message before you come in and you get to take it home with you. Clients say their channeled messages have been so uplifting and deeply resonate within their hearts. I love channeling these for you!

Here are some examples of messages that have been channeled for others:

Image by Freepik

Floating, as in a raft on a river,
you’ve set yourself in a calm and peaceful place.
Underlying issues vie for your attention,
coming up to be seen by your true Self,
to be addressed and loved.
When evil has nothing to oppose it,
it will disappear by itself, says the Tao.
What do you resist?
These issues are not negative,
but simply old memories that trigger you.
What are they?
Inquire and see with curiosity.
They are the next in line to be loved,
as is that part of you.

Peace and trust are tilled
in the soil of events such as these.
Work it through,
setting each “wrongdoer” free.
You are more than that!
Your peace is paramount.
And as you cultivate peace,
peace is grounded into the earth
affecting everything and everyone!

I open the doors of my heart to newness,
to fresh air and rain,
to wash any bit of heart stain away
and set me on the path of freedom
and wholeness again.
Simply put, I am already there
in the embrace of Love,
and a change of mind and heart
takes but a moment,
floodgates opening straightaway!

I know who I am.
I know my calling and my song.
I embrace all of life, as Gaia,
working alongside her with plants and herbs,
spirit walks, mineral people,
all are here for healing!
Diminishment is in my own mind,
as substantive as air itself,
a thought or memory.
The true Self is All there is,
and “I” rest in That,
a part of the Whole,
much more than a smidgeon…
all-expansive Oneness!

O Beloved,
I humbly come before you as I am.
I am yours. You are mine.
I am your body, to do what you do
in this world.

I remember and witness your compassion
and I weep.
So much here to love!
All is a form of you!
I receive as I give as I receive
as I give!

The mystery of Life is
an ever-expanding awareness
and it feels so good.
It feels good because it’s resonating
within my being.

I, in this ego, want more of you.
It is how I am made,
how you made me.
But I know that “I” and “me” don’t exist
apart from you.
Make me your instrument of peace!

I rest in the stillness that is born of a quiet spirit.
No need to search, to yearn, or to toil in order to find.
Here you are, in my center.
Expand my heart to accommodate more love!

In my awakened doings,
in my flowing and flowering ministrations,
please do your life-enhancing work,
O Beloved.
All is ultimately you.
I allow and revel in your flow
now and always!

Now I am holy.
Always holy.
My clients are holy.
They are whole.
We are whole and beautiful.
We are not a burden to be healed,
but an expression of divine being
connecting for the greater good.
Our connection.. and love.. and intention
bring balance to the whole.

Enjoy this process! Not everyone can do this work! It is a work of joy!

Image by standret on Freepik