Spirit Immersion Program: You may be searching for one-on-one guidance, addressing your unique questions. Because of this need, I’m offering my mentorship program to support you, with 3 months of intuitive guidance! Click for Information on this, my Signature Program!

Usui Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Master classes: Reiki Master Michele DeCamp is the instructor, and a student of my Open Hands Reiki program. Reiki 1 is being offered as an enriching and empowering online class, in two parts, in August 2020! Click on this LINK for more information. You can see Michele’s website for more offerings or contact her via her website at LeadingLightReiki.com.

Renew and Reconnect with Reiki – A Reiki Refresher Course: Co-taught by Maureen and Michele, this fun 3 1/2 hour course will reignite your love of Reiki. (Coming this Fall 2020 as an online class! Write me if you’re interested!)

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