Are you ready to step up your personal, home practice and gain mastery in your own life? Would you like to feel personally freer to live your authentic “You”?

I am pleased to offer my Spirit Immersion program, for those who want to receive clarity on their paths and deepen their practice of living in Spirit. If you want to heal yourself and get free of the things that hold you back, this intensive, three month workshop is for you. While it will be tailored to you and your needs, it will include one-on-one discussion of what you want to achieve and learn, intuitive Reiki energy work, healing activities in nature, writing with pen and paper, and emotional/energetic clearing through ancestral energy work and other means, as needed.

Using my background in shamanic healing, we will connect to the spirits of the trees, Mother Earth, and most importantly, our Spirit Guides and totem animals, to learn about and receive ongoing guidance in our lives. You will learn how to cultivate an attitude of calmness, yet feel vibrant and alive.

Exercises will include guidance to help you to focus the mind and meditate successfully, ways to clear your own energy and work respectfully with all beings, including yourself. We will explore ideas about healing, the chakra energy system and balance, and what it means to be centered and grounded.

Any questions about your path are fair game. This is your time to delve into the issues you have been struggling with, and to put them to rest, at last. We each have the power to heal within us. Join me in accessing that place of power and connection.

The curriculum will be loose to allow for the inspiration of Spirit throughout each session. You will meet with me in a private 2 hour session, twice a month. We will meet over 3 months, and there will be homework. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end. I will also provide email availability throughout the three month period, answering any questions that may arise.

You may pay monthly or prepay, at the beginning. This latter option gives you a 5% discount.

Here are some of the available topics:

  • What is Healing and How to Heal Myself
  • Connecting with my Inner Child
  • Clearing Ancestral Attachments
  • Meeting and learning to work with my Spirit Guide
  • The Power of Following my Heart’s Path and Intuition, including How to Listen to my Heart
  • Practical Insights and How To’s in Energy Healing
  • Making a Healing Bag for Myself, and also, for Others
  • How to Work with and Understand the Role of Animal Spirits
  • Clearing my Own Energy
  • Space Clearing
  • The Power of Intention
  • Basics of Energy Healing Work with Others
  • How to be Present
  • Meditation Basics and Moment to Moment Practice for Spiritual Growth
  • Nature and Earth’s Sentience, with Meditations to Connect and Thrive
  • What is a light language, and other types of channeling

If you are being guided to engage with Spirit in a deeper way, and you would like me to help you get there, write me and we will discuss this further. Payment can be arranged after our discussion. Namaste!

Please note that I am on Sabbatical until November of 2019, to rest and deepen my practice. I will not be holding Intuitive Reiki sessions or classes until then. Thank you! ~Maureen Rivelle, RMT