You Don’t Need Fixing

I was at a Reiki Share the other night. That's a place where Reiki practitioners come together to share Reiki with one another. As each one took their turn on the table,  enveloped in shared healing energy, they seemed so radiantly beautiful. Each one, like a unique rose in a bouquet, had a story all their own, yet was an integral part of…

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Will I Still Be Me?

Reiki is spiritual work, and heals us from the inside out. Ultimately, instead of being less YOU as you progress on your spiritual path, you become more clearly yourself, freed more and more from other's expectations for you, and even free from what you may have thought you needed to become happier. As you feel your connection to the Divine through meditation,…

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It’s not a Performance, it’s Service with Compassion

When a client comes to me for their first Reiki session, I sometimes feel apprehension or performance anxiety, even though I am confident in what I bring to the session. My stomach starts to churn, and then I realize what's happening and how I'm falling into old habits of worrying about presentation and resolution, as if I must put on…

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