Have you been attuned to Reiki, but it’s been a while since you’ve actually used your gift? Do you have new questions, or do you simply have a desire to refresh your practice? Renew and Reconnect with Reiki in this Reiki Refresher Class!

Many who are attuned to Reiki wonder what happens to Reiki when it isn’t practiced. Thankfully, it’s still there. Reiki never leaves us. The ability to pass on that wonderful, healing energy is always in our hands. For many of us, it may not seem so easy to just begin again. We wonder if it’s actually working or if we are doing it correctly.

For all these reasons and more, many people that I know, who have taken a Reiki class or two in the past, have expressed a desire for a refresher class and a re-attunement, without having to take the whole 8 hour class again. This makes a lot of sense! Our regular Reiki classes are actually quite short. In that 7 – 8 hour time period, it’s impossible to become proficient and even to feel capable, even when the energy and encouragement are there.

In this 2 hour class, we will discuss some of the pitfalls you may have experienced while practicing Reiki, we will demonstrate some ideas of how to work with clients, and you’ll rediscover and deepen your personal connection to Reiki. You’ll remember why you fell in love with Reiki in the first place!

There will be an uplifting and clearing re-attunement to the last level of Reiki that you have learned, as well. We will have time to address any questions and concerns you may have. Our goal is that after this class, you will feel more proficient in giving a Reiki treatment to others and receiving one yourself, from yourself. You will leave refreshed and re-inspired!

I will be co-teaching this class with Michele DeCamp of LeadingLightReiki.com, a fellow Reiki Master and practitioner/teacher who is as excited as I am about teaching this class! My name is Maureen Rivelle of Open Hands Reiki.

Date: Next Reiki Refresher is in early 2021! Contact me if this class speaks to your ♥️.

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Revive with clarity and clear vision! Reiki opens us up more to spirit/Source energy, heals ourselves and others, and is personally empowering, which is why we teach it. We hope to see you there!