Radiant Empowerment

Embark on your Reiki Master Journey

  • Who is a Master?
  • Why Teach Reiki?
  • Cord Cutting Techniques
  • Tibetan Reiki Symbols
  • How Does an Attunement Work?
  • Attunement to the Master Level and Certificate
  • Violet Breath
  • Learn the Healing Attunement
  • Learn and Practice all the Reiki Level Attunements
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What’s the Difference Between Reiki Master and Advanced Reiki Training (ART)?
I teach Advanced Reiki Training and the Reiki Master Class in two 6 hour days, a week to a few weeks apart to adjust to and begin to integrate the powerful energies. To sum up, the ART class, or Advanced Reiki Training, is for those who want to learn the Master Level symbol and take the next step in Reiki, including receiving an advanced level attunement, but who don’t want to teach Reiki. It is also a prerequisite to this Master Class. (If you take the ART class and, in the future, decide to take the Master class, you can do so, even if years have passed.) The Master class is for those who want to move on to teach and attune their students to Reiki.

What Will I Learn in these Classes?
As outlined in the bullet points above, by the end of the two days of training, you’ll know how to set up a Crystal Grid for healing others or yourself (ART class), how to do a Healing Attunement, how to perform an Aura Clearing, and you’ll receive two attunements and 4 Master Symbols. Besides these, you will be opening up to higher Reiki frequencies! Additionally, you will be encouraged to trust your inner knowing. This is empowering! And above all, being involved in someone’s healing journey is a great blessing!

Are Attunements Healing?
Yes, these workshops/classes are so healing because, in addition to the two attunements that I will give you, you will be practicing Reiki attunements on each other, as well as Aura Clearing and Healing Attunements, time permitting. In this Master class, we devote lots of time to learning how to offer attunements. You are continually enveloped in healing energy throughout both classes!

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Will I be able to Master Reiki? What are the Requirements?
If you are interested in taking this Master Class, the Master Level requirements are that you are attuned to the second level of Reiki, have practiced Reiki regularly for at least 6 months since your level 2 attunement, you can draw the three Reiki 2 symbols from memory, and that you’ve taken ART. You should feel you want to pursue Reiki as a large part of your spiritual life path. After all, you will be representing Reiki to the world as a Reiki Master, and people expect you to be “fluent” in Reiki, even when you explain that “Master” means “Teacher” in Japan and that you are but a teacher. I feel that nobody can ever truly “master” Reiki, since we are the tools of Reiki and not the other way around. In other words, Reiki isn’t a healing tool in our storehouse; instead, we are working in partnership with Reiki to bring healing to the world. To say we “master” Reiki sort of implies that we can control it…its results, how it works, how strongly it’s perceived, etc. I feel we surrender to Reiki and its Source. This is my feeling after having practiced Reiki for 17 years, and this is how I teach. After the Master class, you will be able to teach and attune others to Reiki. Furthermore, you will have many tools with which to practice and develop the quality of your Reiki energy.

Where do you Hold your Classes?
I hold all my classes and sessions here in my home Reiki studio. Consequently, I only take up to 4 students per class, and this is ideal for lots of one on one time. Classes require prior registration!

Class Date and Cost
The next Reiki Master Training class will be arranged when students are interested. I offer this class two to three times per year, so please email me if you’d like to move on in your Reiki path to take the advanced classes. The cost for this class, when bundled with Advanced Reiki Training (ART) two weeks to a month before is $450. Otherwise, if taken alone, the cost is $250. Advanced Reiki Training is a prerequisite. Be sure to take ART before the Reiki Master Class.

An informative Reiki Master manual is yours as part of this class!

I hope to see you at class!

Please contact me online if you have questions about your Reiki training.