Advanced Reiki Training (ART)

Advanced Reiki Training covers:

  • Review of basics, questions since Reiki 2 attunement
  • How to combine Crystals and crystal grids within your Reiki practice
  • The Master symbol, its meaning and uses
  • The Antahkarana
  • Reiki guides and how they can help in our practice
  • Attunement to Advanced Reiki Practitioner
  • Reiki Aura Clearing
  • Reiki Moving Meditation

Advanced Reiki Training is a workshop for Reiki students who have taken Reiki 2 at least 6 months prior, who practice Reiki regularly, and who desire a more in-depth study of Reiki techniques and meditations. In short, it’s for those students of Reiki who want to deepen their practice. This ART class, or Advanced Reiki Training, can be taken alone, without the Master Class, for those who want to learn the Master Level symbols and take the next step in Reiki, including the attunement, but don’t want to teach Reiki. It is given as a full day class/workshop, and is a prerequisite to the Reiki Master Class, which is given on the following week. This is a very fun and informative class, with lots of hands-on practice. Both this class and the Master class are deeply healing. The attunement opens the student to higher level Reiki frequencies.

All classes and workshops are held at Daylight Healing Center in Edmonds, WA. Registration is required! 


If this class is taken alone, the price is $250. The combined cost for this class plus the Reiki Master Class on the following day or weekend, is $450. This Advanced Reiki Training class is a prerequisite for the Master Class. Register HERE and you will be taken to Brown Paper Tickets, where you’ll have the option of paying through PayPal or with a Credit Card.

The prerequisite for Advanced Reiki Training is that you have taken a Reiki 2 class at least 6 months prior and that you practice Reiki regularly. You must register prior to the class date, to participate.

I hope to see you at class!

Upcoming Classes

The next Advanced Reiki Training class/workshop will be on April 13th, from 9am – 5pm. Click HERE to register.

See you in class!

Advanced Reiki Class Photo


Please contact me online or call 425.409.9594 with any questions about your Reiki training.