Deepening the Path

Transformative Reiki Level 2

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  • Some review of the Reiki 1 class and questions or concerns that may have come up since the first level class
  • Performing distant healing
  • The three Reiki 2 symbols and their uses
  • Koki-ho (sending Reiki with the breath)
  • Gyoshi-ho (sending Reiki with the eyes)
  • Usui Reiki level 2 attunement and certificate
  • Practice feeling each of the symbols while giving and receiving Reiki
  • Practice distant healing (Enkaku Chiryo)
  • Beaming
  • More in-depth look at Reiki as a tool for spiritual development and relieving suffering
  • Jacki-kiri Joka-ho (releasing negative energy from objects)

You will be able to send Reiki to others over distance and time after this class. You will also have many tools and methods to use Reiki to help others! There will be practice time so you will feel the energy. After this class, I recommend practicing Reiki daily for 6 months to a year before moving on to advanced training, which consists of Advanced Reiki Training and the Reiki Master Class. You will be able to start a Reiki practice after this class, but most practitioners do so after they become Reiki Masters.

Upcoming Class
The next Reiki 2 class will be held soon. Please contact me if you’re interested.

All classes and workshops are held at my home office in the Meadowdale area of Edmonds. You will receive the address at registration.

The cost is $225.00.

The prerequisite for this class is that you have taken a Reiki 1 class. Please send me a photo of your Reiki 1 Certificate when you register, unless you took Reiki 1 with me. Registration is required prior to the class!

I hope you will be able to attend. Thank you!

Contact me online
with any questions about Reiki training classes. ~ Maureen