Now that you know that Source is within you, that you can access Source through meditation, that now is all you have, that you co-create your reality, and that you are loved, have you still felt that you would like to meet your spirit guide?

Well, perhaps you understand the concepts I mentioned, and they are part of your reality. In fact, you practice them regularly, but you feel that there is more. Rest assured that you’ve been led to this page for a reason! When you meet your spirit guide, you will receive that one-on-one personal spiritual and energetic help to develop further, that you may be craving.

Shows how guidance is joyful

Why Meet Your Spirit Guide? 

Perhaps you are looking for an experience of connectedness and ecstasy. Maybe you’re now searching for a deeper something that reaffirms your closeness to Infinity/Eternity/Source. You might be feeling a desire for more, but the classes you’ve seen don’t touch the depth you desire. 

My answer to this is to guide you into an experience of meeting your spirit guide. My spirit guide has been an integral part of my rootedness in the eternal Reality. Above all, having worked with my guides for the past 15 years, I’ve come to a place of persistent internal stability and awareness that I want for you.

This class is so dear to my heart because my spirit guides have been greatly instrumental in holding my hands and teaching me, as well as guiding me daily, moment by moment, and showing me that I am worthy. I love them! Their presence in my life is such an anchor to the divine. I frequently say that what I know of Source is totally shaped by how my guides are with me. They are ambassadors of the divine! Being high dimensional beings of light, they usher me into Presence just by being aware of them. They are witty and kind, and as close as my breath. They radiate and emanate pure, unconditional love. I want this for you!

What Will We Do?

This one-on-one class is a foray into your own inner realms. I will guide you by using the safe system that I was taught. Your guide has always been with you, so meeting them will feel like home. In addition, we will discuss protection, who the spirit guides are, and how to build trust with your guide. You will receive action items to do at home, to nurture that relationship, and to open yourself more to their energy and to Beloved Source. 

What Should I Expect?

Meeting your guide is a very personal experience, and you will sense your guide in your unique way. Each person comes to this class with certain inner senses, but many times, these senses are dulled by years of not using them. Because of this, it’s important to work on meeting your spirit guide daily during the course of this class, and even afterwards. It is an investment in your personal, inner growth, unlike any other work you do. So, expect to be in a state of reception and openness during these exercises and journeys, and expect to feel nourishment and healing. Each baby step you take is celebrated, because you’re embarking on something totally enriching and new!

Requirements For This Class

This class experience is divided into four, one-hour sessions, to be taken about one to two weeks apart. It is important to experience all 4 sessions to actually meet your guide in your unique way. Likewise, you will learn how to work with these lovely beings of light, and you will receive support. I require a commitment from you, to work with your guides every day and to meet with them as their student. You will receive questions to ask them, that will give you clarity on your path. You’ll need to keep a log of what they tell you, and bring this log with you to class.

This exercise can take as little as 20 minutes a day. Please be sure to schedule this class when you can commit to this action plan. Your new-found relationship takes time. Meeting with your guide daily is pure joy! It is uplifting, healing and nourishing for the body and soul. It’s natural and beautiful. The relationship you foster with them, in this way, will serve you well in every area of your life and for the rest of your life. It will change you from the inside. 

My Availability While Meeting Your Spirit Guide

I will be available to answer any and all email questions related to meeting and working with your guide throughout the time that you are taking this class. 

Sign up for this class under the tab “Receive Reiki–> Schedule a Session” or simply click the “Schedule Appointment” box on the right side of this page. I look forward to working with you!