My intuitive¬†energy transformation sessions are offered long-distance, in your home. Each session is one hour in length. I encourage you to purchase a 3 session package so we have time to thoroughly address and treat your unique energy system, over 3 hour-long sessions. However, I’ve also included the option of scheduling one session at a time. If you are a returning client, you are invited to schedule individual sessions, unless you feel more are warranted. Prices are greatly discounted during COVID-19.

There’s nothing you have to do before a session. Eat lightly, if needed, for your comfort. You will by sitting or lying comfortably after we first connect and discuss your needs.

After our initial discussion, Reiki energy is administered to the energetic field around the body. Relaxation sets in. The connections between the emotional/mental/spiritual and physical bodies usually become clearer to me as I read them energetically. This process allows me to work with you to identify the energies that may have been hampering your progress, as well as your beneficial energies and gifts! I will share with you what I sense along the way.

We know that the physical body is connected intimately with what you believe, your emotions, your feelings, your strengths and your fears. We see these connections between your emotions and your physical body more clearly in the gentle light of the Reiki energy. This transformative process brings those patterns and beliefs to light so that your movement toward wholeness can naturally occur, unrestricted. Integrating these emotions allows you to move forward more freely in light and love. We will identify your strengths as well, which brings joy and clarity! Schedule a discounted session or a package of 3 for the usual price of 2 sessions.

What will I feel during a session?

Most people feel a deep relaxation, but you may experience various emotions, temperature changes, and other pleasant feelings during an energy transformation session. No matter what you feel, the Reiki energy is flowing and will gently work within you. Look for any changes in the days following your treatment, as well.

What other treatment modalities do you use in energy transformation session?

While Reiki energy is a full treatment in itself, I also receive impressions from your energy field. I impart helpful messages from my guides to you during the treatment, to help uplift you in your life. As a bonus, I will give you a personal written, channeled message before we begin our work together. I will write this message the day of your session. This message can be read over and over in the weeks after your session, to help you to stay centered and uplifted.

I may also use crystals or essential oils during in-person sessions, as they are healers in their own rights. They can augment the transformative work we do together. I may also use humming, chanting in light language, drumming or other sounds during your treatment. I may even lead you on a calm, guided journey. Each of these healing modalities can, by themselves, help realign and center you. They’ve been used for these purposes in traditional healing for centuries! I follow my guidance throughout the session to address whatever your needs are at the time.

Post Session

The results are as variable as each unique individual. Many people feel a deep calmness during and after a treatment, whereas others describe a sense of over-all well-being. Still others feel energized after a treatment, full of creative ideas and motivation. Many receive pain relief and positive changes in their physical bodies. You may enhance the positive results of a session by spending time sitting quietly and feeling your inner life. Rereading your channeled message daily will bring you insight and peace.

Some people develop aches or other mild discomforts in their bodies the day after a Reiki session. This means that the body is releasing toxins and rediscovering its homeostasis. Aches and minor bodily discomforts are actually a good sign that an energy transformation and integration are in progress. The discomfort passes in a day or two.

Long Distance Energy Transformation

I have always offered long distance sessions because there is no distance when it comes to prayer and energy. In my experience, I have observed that Reiki energy transformation is just as potent when sent over distance, as in person. I’ve done plenty of distance sessions with clients all over the country! Universal Reiki energy will flow to you, regardless of where you are. All the above information applies equally to in-person and remote sessions. Clients report feeling the energy just as strongly, and being even more relaxed, because they are in their own home.

If you have a desire for a Reiki session, simply select a date and time from the self scheduler. You will receive the beautiful Reiki energy as I conduct a full session remotely. Simply find a place where you can be undisturbed for an hour. Make yourself comfortable, in an attitude of openness and receptivity, while I am guiding the session. We will talk and stay connected via Zoom, FaceTime or telephone call. I will share visuals or messages received during your session. You may record your session to listen to later.