Reiki Treatment FAQs

What can Reiki do for me? Will it help me with my own health challenges? I’ve answered some of the more frequently asked questions here, but if you have others, send me an email or give me a call. I am happy to discuss your personal needs to see if Reiki is a good fit.

[accordion title=”What will I feel during a session?”]Reiki is practiced through “laying on hands” on your body or in the energetic field surrounding your body. You are fully clothed for treatments. I have a massage table and bolsters for you to lie down comfortably.

Most people feel a deep relaxation, but you may experience various emotions or temperature changes, as well. No matter what you feel, the Reiki energy is flowing and will gently work within you. Awareness and the release of detrimental emotional patterns and beliefs is a big part of our sessions, and may lead to feelings of lightness and relief. Look for any changes in the days following your treatment.
[accordion title=”What other treatment modalities do you use?”]My main treatment method is Usui Reiki. I have found that Reiki is a full treatment in itself. However, I may also receive and impart a message from my guides to you during the treatment to help you in your life or recovery.

I may also use crystals, as they are healers in their own right and can augment the Reiki treatment. Essential oils (doTerra brand), also very healing on their own, may be used in a Reiki session. I may hum, chant, drum or use another sound during your treatment if that is how I am guided. Each of these healing modalities can, by themselves, offer assistance to you for your particular needs, and have been used in traditional healing for centuries. I follow my guidance throughout the session so that your individual needs are addressed. The Universal Reiki energy knows where to go and what to bring to your awareness for your highest good.
[accordion title=”What can I expect from a Reiki session?”]The results are as variable as each unique individual. Many people feel a deep calmness during and after a treatment, whereas others describe a sense of over-all well-being. Still others feel energized after a treatment, full of creative ideas and motivation. Many receive pain relief and positive changes in their physical bodies, as well. Some people develop aches in their bodies the day after a healing session, as the body releases toxins and rediscovers its homeostasis. This is a good sign that a healing is in progress and the discomfort passes in a day or two.
[accordion title=”What is long distance Reiki and can I schedule a session?”]
Reiki can be done over long distances because there is no distance when it comes to spiritual matters such as prayer and Reiki. In my experience, I have observed that Reiki is just as potent when sent over distance as in person. The Universal Reiki energy will flow to wherever your needs are, regardless of where you are located.

If you have a desire for a Reiki session but are unable to come in to my office, we can work out a date and time for me to send you Reiki in your home or anywhere you can be alone and undisturbed for 20 minutes. I just ask that you sit comfortably and quietly in an attitude of receptivity at the same time that I am sending this blessing to you. You may want to put on some soft music or light a candle. I will call or text you before your distant Reiki treatment to tell you that we are starting, and afterwards to share with you any insights I may have experienced during the session.

Call or email me to arrange your long distance Reiki session soon.
[accordion title=”What are some of the symptoms or issues Reiki can help?”]

  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Physical ailments
  • Chronic conditions
  • Fatigue[/accordion]


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Reiki Treatments

During a session, Reiki is administered through touch or to the energetic field around the body to bring about relaxation and to regain health and well being.

Distance Reiki

Reiki can be sent over long distances. The energy will flow to wherever your needs are, regardless of where you and the sender are located.