Don’t be Satisfied with a Very Unsatisfactory Satisfaction

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The path to full satisfaction

Don’t be Satisfied with a Very Unsatisfactory Satisfaction

The path to full satisfactionI’m back and I’m excited about the prospects of working with YOU again! After three months away from one-on-one Intuitive Reiki Sessions and the Spirit Immersion Program, I’m happy to be starting up again today!

My Quiet Journey

I’ve spent the last few months healing myself, resting, and enjoying the quietness of nature. I’ve had quite the opportunity to look at what I do, and determining the trajectory I’ll be on going forward. So far, I feel that I’ll be working with those of you who want to delve deeper, to really develop your conscious awareness and gifts. And I’ve also learned some things, again, in a deeper way.

The Deep Dive

I’ve relearned that for my own path — if I follow my heart’s desire to know the Divine better and better, to connect more with Source, and to love the Beloved with my whole heart, soul and strength — that everything is available to me. I don’t need to micro-manage my life, asking for all sorts of material, spiritual or emotional things, or doing vision boards to manifest future happiness. I have it all. Now. I can be happy in the Divine Beloved now! Whatever I have is enough, because Source fills me beyond the material. Source provides all I need, because I’m open to receive.

I relearned that all I really want is to surrender and to be of service, and that while fun, travel and entertainment are quite temporary and don’t fill any inner longing.

I’ve learned again that what makes me happiest is to serve Source and to be the watchful participant as others grow into their own innate wholeness. I love that work, and found myself doing some kind of service to lift others up daily. It felt so good!

I relearned the truth about Source coming through each part of me, my eyes, my voice, my words, and that I channel Divine Love more than I realize, due simply to a willingness to be available as the voice of comfort and love.

To Be Fully Satisfied

My friend Virgie, from All People’s Church, which I attended in New York City many years ago, summed up the human condition quite well. She said that we are frequently satisfied with a very unsatisfactory satisfaction. This Autumn, I want that part of me that settles for less than what is available to me from Spirit, to die off, so that my roots can go deep into the soil of divine consciousness, where life really sings.


~ Maureen Rivelle of Open Hands Reiki