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We Are All the Same, Except Different

We Are All the Same, Except Different

Sometimes we look at people who strike us as especially aware, awake, or enlightened as being better than us. We want what they have, and we feel jealous because they embody our ideal selves. Seeing that in others can spur us on to become our own best selves, but the truth about awakening is that it is available to all of us. It’s already inside us. We are all already one. When some of us ascend into increased awareness, it helps us all, because of that oneness.

The Universe Doesn’t Judge

The fact is, no one is better than you. Remember that all of us humans are having different life experiences to help us grow into our own higher selves, and that everyone is at a different place. There is no worse-than judgment, except for that which we bestow on ourselves. The universe doesn’t judge. Life experiences are unique to each individual, and all ways of living are valid. Each of us grows at our own rate, and we can’t dictate the rate of another’s change. It’s an inside job.

Reflect, also, on the fact that nobody is less than you, either. Have compassion for where others are on their path. No matter how slowly, in your eyes, they progress, remember that you probably have lived lives where you were less awake than you are now. We are all on this road, together. Yet, we walk this road in different ways. Compassion is the glue that binds us together.

We Are Learning and Growing

As a culture, our views are changing, as is seen in our use of derogatory language. We used to call the homeless “bums.” Then we upgraded, to calling them “street people,” which was a bit better than denigrating them, but also pointed to the belief that they were made for living on the streets. Now we call them “homeless,” which shows that we are learning that they are people like us, deserving a home, but without one. I’m happy to see this progression toward recognizing our oneness with enlightened speech!

Bottom line, we are all the same; human beings trying to live our best lives in the only way we know how. I encourage you to embrace this concept, and see how it changes and enriches your world in the process.