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Tag Maureeen Rivelle

Acceptance — A Gift from the Universe

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Acceptance leads to peaceWhat if you accepted everything that came your way as if it were a gift from the Universe? What would your life look like, if you made this your daily practice? Imagine being thankful for the cold you got, that slowed you down enough so that you could rest. Imagine responding to a diagnosis of illness with a palpable peace. You’d be able to make decisions for yourself with much more clarity.

We resist unpleasant things to protect ourselves from what we perceive as bad or threatening. Because of our judgment of the experience as bad and something to resist and fight, we suffer fear in the process. We may then try to cure, medicate, or numb ourselves, as long as the pain and the fear wrapped around it go away. What if we chose to accept what happened to us instead?

The Universe Works on Our Behalf

During a time of sadness or chaos, have you ever experienced the feeling of having everything work out, as if it were orchestrated for you to learn an important life lesson? This is not a random occurrence. This is the Universe working on your behalf. You can experience this more and more, through a basic attitude change. Complaining is a victim’s game, and it doesn’t feel good. Consider the idea that you can regain your personal power through acceptance.

Choose Acceptance

With practice, acceptance can become a bigger part of your life. Work on developing the habit of being grateful for all your life experiences, as if you chose them. And imagine how you can glean the wisdom of your unique past through this process.

What I’m describing is not a departure from seeking medical care when it’s needed. It’s a mindset. It’s a way of seeing your world that is helpful and health inducing. And it works.

Your Life is a Treasure

Your body is a finely-tuned antenna for what is happening in your psyche. It can even alert you to when an emotional upset is skillfully buried deep within the mind. Your body can help you in your quest to live a full life and accomplish your goals and dreams. When you respect your physical and emotional processes, you give yourself space to heal. And more importantly, this acceptance heals the heart.



All You Need is LOVE!

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All you need is love by Chris LiveraniWhat is Love?

We expect that with our loved ones, we’d have deep, warm and fuzzy feelings coming from mutual unconditional acceptance and preference for each other.

When those feelings are absent from our hearts, we may question if we truly love them. However, by that definition, we may not love very many, except perhaps our immediate families and cute baby animals.

Emotional vs Expansive Love

Does love need to have emotional feelings or ties to exist at all? Does the heart need to be tugged at, for love to exist?

What if we practiced love as an expansive openness and patience with all beings, an inner tenderness towards everyone and everything? Can love actually be a natural warmth that emanates from the heart outwards, not making the distinction between “other” or “I,” as love is naturally inclusive?

Can we practice love with equanimity and caring, with an acknowledgment that love lives deeply in those eyes you’re peering into, just as it exists within you?

Service-mind Can Bring Us to Love

When we live from a spirit of service to whomever appears before us through our day, all the mental classifications in our minds — all the distinctions between others out there and beloveds close to us — tend to disappear. Indeed, even our feeling of “me-ness” can melt away while operating from an intention to serve all who appear before us. This is because service, by its very nature, is not about our egos needing protection, or mine vs. yours. Service is about love.

What if we lived in the head space of “How may I serve you?” It’s like asking, “How can I love you more? What can I do to bring you further along on your all-important, sacred life path?”

Mine the Depths of Love

Do you want to connect more deeply with your inner life? The way of service naturally dissolves self-directed thought into the calm waters of truly living from the heart. It immediately connects the mind with the true innocence of your precious heart. It lifts you up. It allows you to truly live in love!

May we each choose love over fear. May our world thus change, one decision at a time, to love and serve.

Who Are You?

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Who Am I, photo by septian-simon

Who are we, really? Are we more than our labels, societal roles, familial roles or classifications? Why do we do what we do in our lives, truly? In other words, are we more than what we do or who we seem to be on the outside?

Who am I?

These questions can help us to get to the heart of what drives us and what we really love. They lead us to our core, to “the Watcher,” as Eckhart Tolle describes in his books and lectures. The Watcher is that part of us that observes all we do with calmness and without judgment. It’s the unique “Me,” our true nature, our authentic selves. The Watcher doesn’t care about fads or responsibilities. It only cares about our highest soul purpose, which is our own unique way of being.

Let Your Love Shine

We all have a way of bringing light and love into the world. Our core selves know it well, but conditioning via our culture and upbringing, as well as the hurts we’ve endured, have their way with us, covering over our light. Our job is to uncover those parts of our innocence so that our authentic selves can come through. It takes courage… and love.

My Reiki clients frequently ask about their life’s purpose. The general answer, which isn’t exactly what they want to hear, but is a pointer in that direction, is that our life’s purpose is to be love wherever we are. Being love to ourselves and to everything and everyone is a great way to live. Let’s start there…and end there. Nothing we do satisfies so deeply as being love. It’s our true nature.

A wonderful meditation to help us on our way to self-knowledge and peace is to chant inwardly “love.” Feel it inside you and around you as you chant it. Inhale “lovvvvve” and exhale “lovvvve,” like the waves of the sea. It’s easy and centering. Try it for 10 minutes a day, and see what happens.

Will I Still Be Me?

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Reiki is spiritual work, and heals us from the inside out. Ultimately, instead of being less YOU as you progress on your spiritual path, you become more clearly yourself, freed more and more from other’s expectations for you, and even free from what you may have thought you needed to become happier. As you feel your connection to

Free to Be More YOU

Photo by Josh Adamski on Unsplash

the Divine through meditation, Reiki and your other spiritual practices, your realization begins to grow that all you need is already deep inside you. You will increasingly act from your intuition as you learn, through experience, to trust it more. You’ll also have fewer and fewer intrusive, useless or negative thoughts and more appreciation for the wind, the trees, nature, all people, your home, and your family, as you see the Divine in everything and everyone. The spiritual path is rewarding in so many ways!

Free to be more YOU

I remember feeling worried that if I continued on in Reiki and my personal spiritual work, I wouldn’t be “me” or recognizable to myself, and it continues to come up every so often. In 10 years of practicing Reiki, I’ve found the opposite to be true. I still am ME. I have free will. I have fewer hangups and can flow easier with each situation. I see the hand of the Divine in wherever I’m guided, and it thrills me to be of service. And I endeavor to see Her hand in my hardships as well as my joys.

Thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts with you.

It’s not a Performance, it’s Service with Compassion

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When a client comes to me for their first Reiki session, I sometimes feel apprehension or performance anxiety, even though I am confident in what I bring to the session. My stomach starts to churn, and then I realize what’s happening and how I’m falling into old habits of worrying about presentation and resolution, as if I must put on a show! At this point, I step back and reassure myself that what I’m doing is not a performance at all, but that I’m serving that client and the Divine in that client. I remind myself that my job is to allow the beautiful, complementary Reiki energy to flow through me, and that I am only Reiki’s conduit. With that in mind, I focus on being that vehicle. I remember the wonderful past sessions, every one of which has been unique and colorful, like a gorgeous bouquet. And then I surrender to the Divine Beloved and gratefully do what I love.

This is my opportunity to step back and watch what Reiki does so compassionately, serving your needs!