It’s not a Performance, it’s Service with Compassion

When a client comes to me for their first Reiki session, I sometimes feel apprehension or performance anxiety, even though I am confident in what I bring to the session. My stomach starts to churn, and then I realize what’s happening and how I’m falling into old habits of worrying about presentation and resolution, as if I must put on a show! At this point, I step back and reassure myself that what I’m doing is not a performance at all, but that I’m serving that client and the Divine in that client. I remind myself that my job is to allow the beautiful, complementary Reiki energy to flow through me, and that I am only Reiki’s conduit. With that in mind, I focus on being that vehicle. I remember the wonderful past sessions, every one of which has been unique and colorful, like a gorgeous bouquet. And then I surrender to the Divine Beloved and gratefully do what I love.

This is my opportunity to step back and watch what Reiki does so compassionately, serving your needs!