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Maureen with her "thumbs up" sign.

Message for Today: Just do it!

You've got this!
Maureen with her “thumbs up” sign.

Hmmm. Yes, you’ve heard that before. I’m talking about your intuition here, as I borrow from Nike. 😜

When we receive exciting guidance for our lives, it seems to me it is always in the now moment. Intuition comes in as a Swoosh! (Sorry, couldn’t resist! 😆) …and we get excited and delighted with the possibilities! Yay!

But sometimes, we put it off for weeks or months or simply make no moves towards working with that guidance, because of fear or because we just can’t see how to incorporate that exciting bit into our hectic schedules. Then the feeling fizzles out. Why? Because, it seems, we didn’t act on it. In spiritual terms, spirit doesn’t force us to follow our guidance. Our free will is so honored. So the force in that potential forward motion, dwindles and disintegrates. We may wonder why we no longer feel excited at that prospect. Where did the zeal go?

So I encourage you to act on your guidance in the now moment. Don’t say to yourself, “I will do that in 4 hours, 4 days, 4 weeks or four months.” Even a small step in that direction keeps the leading and guidance alive. And more will come as you step out. Yes, trust is involved. But isn’t that what it’s all about, in this hokey pokey game of life? 😆