You Don’t Need Fixing

Healing Hands Holding Red Rose as Energy

I was at a Reiki Share the other night. That’s a place where Reiki practitioners come together to share Reiki with one another. As each one took their turn on the table,  enveloped in shared healing energy, they seemed so radiantly beautiful. Each one, like a unique rose in a bouquet, had a story all their own, yet was an integral part of the human family. Every one has their own gift to give, and path to walk, as do you.

Reiki Healing Energy Enables You to Live YOUR Life

When we come for Reiki, we know the goal is not to fix people. We are taught to just offer this healing energy without an agenda. Spirit envelopes each of us in Love, and we all know how love goes deep to the heart. When you come for Reiki, remember what the goal is… not to fix you, but to wrap you in the Love of Divine Source. Let’s go there together. YOUR life awaits you. ~Maureen