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Balance and Love

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Balance and LoveI once had a friend who allowed her son to ride his bicycle without a helmet. I asked her why she didn’t demand that he wear one. This was 30 years ago, and I remember her response to this day. She said “I trust God to protect him.”

I remember this because I didn’t have a reply for her. I was speechless! To this day, I have found that faith vs. common sense queries aren’t so black and white.

There are some things in life that just don’t have acceptable answers. I believed what she said to have truth, because I trust in the divine, too. But I also did what I could to protect my children, because I loved them. Does this mean I doubted divine protection? In her mind, yes, but not in mine.

I think we are called to love, in everything we do. And when we purely love, it is the divine working through us. So I did what I felt was love in action, for my sons, and had them wear bicycle helmets.

We all know that many decisions in life generally fall in that gray area between all right or all wrong, so learning to have a balanced outlook takes practice. When we exercise balance in our decisions, we demonstrate faith in our own inner power of God to discern what needs to be done at the moment.

And when we make decisions based on pure love, we are working in pure balance.


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What Is It That We Want?

I have the answer: Satisfaction.

Consider the fact that when each and every desire we have is fulfilled, we all get a great “Ahhh” feeling. Whether you call it satisfaction, peacefulness, happiness, or bliss, for all of us, it is the same. No matter what we want, positive or negative though it may be, when we get it, that same, great feeling comes. We just have different ways of getting there! Based on our genetics, what we like, our upbringing, our society’s standards ‒ whatever floats our boat, and what calls to us ‒ when we get the thing we desire, the great feeling comes.

It’s a very compelling feeling! Everyone wants it. But have you ever wanted something so bad, and when you got it, you felt let down? Maybe you were initially excited about it, only to forget about it a few hours or days later? Perhaps you can’t even remember what those desires were?  Do you have closets full of objects you loved, but can’t even recall right now?

Can’t Get No Satisfaction?

Feeling let down may have to do with the awareness that the object of our desires only fulfilled us for a moment or a short time. It could be that the object we received may not have been what we wanted after all. Or it may be that the dissatisfaction we feel is due to the fact that our true desire was in the journey ‒ defying all odds, the rush of achievement ‒ and not at all in the acquisition of the object of desire itself! In any case, once gotten, the shine fades. Objects attained ultimately do not satisfy at a soul level. We know this because we can move on to the next thing in no time, desiring again, striving continuously.

Getting to the Good Place

Mood-altering drugs will get us to that feel-good place, too. For some, whose desire is to connect with something greater than themselves, drugs may facilitate a spiritual experience. But, as Guru Maharaji told his disciple, Ram Dass, when talking about psychedelics in the 1960s, “These medicines will allow you to come and visit Christ, but you can only stay two hours. Then you have to leave again. This is not the true samadhi. It’s better to become Christ than to visit him – but even the visit of a saint for a moment is useful.” Then he added, “But love is the most powerful medicine.” 

Where am I going with this? I want to talk about the love Maharaji was talking about. It’s no-strings-attached love. Pure love. The love that many mothers have for their new babies, or the love you have for your sweet pet, may in fact be pure love. How about your pet’s love for you? Unconditional. That love is the kind that lasts. That feeling lives in the heart. Our beings resonate with it because it is our essence. It is what you and I are. It doesn’t go away, and it lives on, even after physical death.

The Gift of Satisfaction

When we give of ourselves or our time to another being, without wanting anything in return, that feeling of love and satisfaction stays with us. It sticks to our ribs. It resonates and buoys us up!

So, in 2019, why not seek out more pure love experiences? Giving, donating your time or helping someone else, feeds the soul. Besides feeling good, it naturally provides a better and lasting satisfaction.

Love truly is the answer.

All You Need is LOVE!

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All you need is love by Chris LiveraniWhat is Love?

We expect that with our loved ones, we’d have deep, warm and fuzzy feelings coming from mutual unconditional acceptance and preference for each other.

When those feelings are absent from our hearts, we may question if we truly love them. However, by that definition, we may not love very many, except perhaps our immediate families and cute baby animals.

Emotional vs Expansive Love

Does love need to have emotional feelings or ties to exist at all? Does the heart need to be tugged at, for love to exist?

What if we practiced love as an expansive openness and patience with all beings, an inner tenderness towards everyone and everything? Can love actually be a natural warmth that emanates from the heart outwards, not making the distinction between “other” or “I,” as love is naturally inclusive?

Can we practice love with equanimity and caring, with an acknowledgment that love lives deeply in those eyes you’re peering into, just as it exists within you?

Service-mind Can Bring Us to Love

When we live from a spirit of service to whomever appears before us through our day, all the mental classifications in our minds — all the distinctions between others out there and beloveds close to us — tend to disappear. Indeed, even our feeling of “me-ness” can melt away while operating from an intention to serve all who appear before us. This is because service, by its very nature, is not about our egos needing protection, or mine vs. yours. Service is about love.

What if we lived in the head space of “How may I serve you?” It’s like asking, “How can I love you more? What can I do to bring you further along on your all-important, sacred life path?”

Mine the Depths of Love

Do you want to connect more deeply with your inner life? The way of service naturally dissolves self-directed thought into the calm waters of truly living from the heart. It immediately connects the mind with the true innocence of your precious heart. It lifts you up. It allows you to truly live in love!

May we each choose love over fear. May our world thus change, one decision at a time, to love and serve.


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Surrender your heart

Surrender and grow

What would life feel like if you knew, deep down in your bones, that everything that happens to you is orchestrated specifically for your growth? If you really KNEW this, would you be upset when things don’t go your way? Would you feel the need to put up a fight against each
perceived injustice? Would each illness be something to resist and eradicate post haste? Would all your struggles and hurts of the past be relegated to the “I’m trying to forget that ever happened” trash heap of the mind?

Trust that everything happens for the highest good

For me, anxiety has been the default emotion much of my life. If I wasn’t happy, I was probably feeling some amount of anxiety. I know now that I would not be anxious at all if I trusted that everything is here for my highest good. Happily, I’m here to say that it’s getting much better for me, as I process and release fear, and love my innocent and vulnerable heart. As I become more aware of how I’m held by Spirit in an embrace of love, anxiety has no hold. It’s a process of learning that I can trust in each situation.

Freedom from victimhood

The frequently asked question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?,” can be answered with another. I would ask, instead, “Why judge if what has happened is good or bad?” Do we really know, ultimately, what is good and bad for us? Haven’t the trials and tribulations in our lives been our biggest teachers? Is anything ever totally bad or totally good? When something is judged as bad or negative, does that help us deal with it better? As Matt Kahn says in his book, Whatever Arises, Love That, A Love Revolution that Begins with You, “…the heart of surrender frees you from viewing your life through the eyes of victimhood.”

What does your heart want to surrender now?

What Do You Believe?

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Photo of painted girl by Senjuti KunduRecently, I was asked what I believe. My first reaction was to say it doesn’t matter. But in my own heart, as I live my life, it does matter. If we are interested in more than just floating through our lives, with no rudder for steering our ship, I think we need some sort of idea or belief about what we’re here for. Our belief informs our destination and how we arrive.

I Believe in Spirit Energy

I believe in the Divine Beloved, Spirit, the Inner Wellspring of Life, Source, All There Is, and Oneness, to use a few of the multitudinous names of that ineffable Spirit Energy that we are all connected to, and which resides within and around us, everywhere. I believe the loving Divine Spirit doesn’t care what words we find to explain it, since they are only signposts. I believe this Spirit is Compassion, and much more. I believe we are here on planet Earth for a purpose. I believe our purpose is to become aware of, and partake in, our intimate connection with the Divine Beloved.

I Believe in Authenticity

I believe each of us has the same high calling, which is to be authentically ourselves. I believe we are made of Love, and that Love is our true nature. I believe that underneath our strife, fear, anger, joy and sadness is Love. I believe that removing all the obstacles to love, or to our authentic nature, is freeing and healing.

I believe that there are many reasons for sickness, and I don’t understand them all. I believe most chronic illnesses can receive healing from any perspective: from the mind, from the body and/or from the spirit.

I believe that a relationship with Love can bring to us all that we need and ever could want.

I believe that mental assent to a belief system doesn’t translate into experiencing the connection we have with the One. Only experience can bring someone to their inner Wellspring of Life. And there are as many ways to get there as there are people on this earth.

I Believe in Healing

I see healing as a “hard reset,” like when you return your cell phone or computer to its factory settings. Healing is a process whereby we become more of what we were when we were born, more vulnerable, more open, more excited about our world… more innocent. Healing is an inner process that doesn’t change us into something we are not, nor does it add extraneous beliefs. Healing brings us back to where we started, with all the wisdom and love we’ve amassed through experience.

Energy Healing Aligns, Balances and Empowers Us

Reiki ties into this so beautifully, since it helps us to touch our inner lives and experience our connection  to All There Is. Energy healing aligns us, balances us, and empowers us through this process of helping us to experience who we really are. Reiki allows us to see that we are much more than flesh and blood, we are Spirit and Life!

Blessed Release

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Blessed Release -- walking away from domestic violence

After many years of watching a case of domestic violence unfurl itself before my eyes, and having no way in which to extricate my loved one from its jaws of slow and steady death, blessed release has, at last, come, as she walked away.

Watching injustices like this can make one bitter over time, but the challenge is to choose to remain peace-loving and kind to all, including the perpetrator. At day’s end, it is always the victim’s choice to remain a victim or to go, just as it is our choice to open or embitter our hearts.

Few believe the Universe is totally good, that it is always conspiring to heal us, that it choreographs all our experiences for our highest good. I am one of those.

My prayer today:

Please uncover within me the dark strands of wariness and distrust that lie within my being. I am aware that they are there because of my painful past experiences of the perceived betrayal of my inner trust. I felt that my fear and anger, and the resultant shutting down of my trust, were necessary for my survival at the time. I forgive myself for closing my heart of pure love, as I realize that pure love is actually my true nature.

Help me to look at those closed areas of my innocence and the dark strands of distrust that lie within me. I use the light of my consciousness to move toward surrender, gently, as a flower bud opens to the light of the sun. (I realize that this may mean, at first, gathering the courage to simply touch the edges of that distrust within.)

Help me to find the dance of my life swirling within me, and to join in with abandon now. Let me quiet myself enough to hear the music of full inner harmony that arises spontaneously from the depths of my own being.
And so it is that I am healed.
~ Maureen

Treating Anxiety with Reiki — the Effects Are Real… And Medically Approved!

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Free from anxiety with reikiAs an anxiety sufferer, I can attest to the healing effects of Reiki for the psyche. We know that anxiety truly is a body/mind/spirit condition, and Reiki addresses all these areas!

Reiki helps clear unwanted patterns and conditioning

Having undergone psychotherapy and having used medication for 12 years for anxiety, I can vouch for the efficacy of these modalities! I’ve used EFT tapping and acupuncture as well, which also are very beneficial. The added benefit of a self-Reiki practice has been a literal godsend to me! Practicing Reiki daily since my attunement in 2007 has kept my awareness of Spirit moving in my life constant. It works deeply to help me clear unwanted patterns and conditioning, which are big components of anxiety. And it brings peace.

Break the negative energy

When my clients come in to see me for anxiety, I scan their energetic field. The aura around a person carries a lot of information about us. I use my intuition to interpret the data and guide the client to the core issues. The key is openness and readiness to look at what may seem “unsavory” past experiences.

But to be clear, if the readiness isn’t there, Spirit won’t reveal the underlying problem or push you to work on anything you don’t want to work on. The process is a gentle one, filled with total acceptance and a feeling that Spirit honors each person for their willingness to courageously work on core issues to allow the healing to happen. All the while, the lovely Reiki energy is flowing to clear old detrimental belief patterns and spiritual/emotional blockages. At the same time, the energy is deeply calming and soothing. And the energy keeps working for days, and even weeks after the session is completed!

Experience the soothing and freeing nature of Reiki for yourself!

A good way to try out Reiki is the group event we call “Guided Meditation, Ear Acupuncture, and a Reiki Blessing,” which will be held this Sunday the 11th of February at 1pm. To learn more and sign up, CLICK HERE.

To read more about how Reiki can help treat anxiety, among other ailments, read this article from SHAPE online.

See you soon!

Who Are You?

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Who Am I, photo by septian-simon

Who are we, really? Are we more than our labels, societal roles, familial roles or classifications? Why do we do what we do in our lives, truly? In other words, are we more than what we do or who we seem to be on the outside?

Who am I?

These questions can help us to get to the heart of what drives us and what we really love. They lead us to our core, to “the Watcher,” as Eckhart Tolle describes in his books and lectures. The Watcher is that part of us that observes all we do with calmness and without judgment. It’s the unique “Me,” our true nature, our authentic selves. The Watcher doesn’t care about fads or responsibilities. It only cares about our highest soul purpose, which is our own unique way of being.

Let Your Love Shine

We all have a way of bringing light and love into the world. Our core selves know it well, but conditioning via our culture and upbringing, as well as the hurts we’ve endured, have their way with us, covering over our light. Our job is to uncover those parts of our innocence so that our authentic selves can come through. It takes courage… and love.

My Reiki clients frequently ask about their life’s purpose. The general answer, which isn’t exactly what they want to hear, but is a pointer in that direction, is that our life’s purpose is to be love wherever we are. Being love to ourselves and to everything and everyone is a great way to live. Let’s start there…and end there. Nothing we do satisfies so deeply as being love. It’s our true nature.

A wonderful meditation to help us on our way to self-knowledge and peace is to chant inwardly “love.” Feel it inside you and around you as you chant it. Inhale “lovvvvve” and exhale “lovvvve,” like the waves of the sea. It’s easy and centering. Try it for 10 minutes a day, and see what happens.

Share the Love at Christmas All Year Long

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Let Love Be Your Guide

All There Is, Is Love

I was thinking about how we crave love. As human beings, love is integral to our health and  survival as newborns and children. Hardwired into our psyches, the lack of holding and cuddling a baby can lead to failure to thrive and a host of other psychological problems, if the child survives the neglect. We need closeness, especially as children, to develop into well-balanced adults capable of empathy and giving and receiving love.

But love does a lot more than that. It is the “most potent catalyst for transformation and healing,” says Matt Kahn, author of the book I’m still slowly reading and savoring, Whatever Arises, Love That. And I know in my bones that he’s right. No amount of following rules of behavior can heal the heart. It may change the way we look on the outside, but not the heart. Only love touches the heart and can cause change in the soul.

Let Love Be Your Guide

When I think about love, and write about it, I can feel it surrounding me. I can feel it inside my heart and a smile appears on my lips. Love. It’s an embracing, no-holds-barred, wild and uncontrollable force, capable of making change in the body, the mind and the spirit. It’s the greatest force in the universe.

This Christmas, let love be your guide; love for everyone, including yourself. Speak and act from your heart and lay down the burdens of being right, smart and perfect. Give smiles extravagantly and hugs effusively. And see what happens.


Treasure Yourself

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Have you ever treasured yourself?

Treasure Yourself

Have you ever looked into your own eyes in a mirror and smiled genuinely? Have you ever put your hands over your belly and closed your eyes, thanking the Universe within for yourself?

I believe in unanswered questions

Sometimes an answer shuts down the asking process too quickly. Sometimes, an unanswered question can be savored, looked at from different angles, answered myriad ways, even answered in paradoxical ways. It’s not a test. It’s an exploration. Let’s explore these questions together. Looking inward, can you love the life that is deeper than your physical being, that resides deeper within? Can you feel it when you sit quietly in acceptance of yourself? Why would treasuring yourself be helpful?

We are more than we think we are

Without me telling you all that you are, can you feel it yourself? The feelings may not come with words. That’s okay.

Let me help you find yourself in your hidden depths

My sessions are self empowering. They help you to feel your true inner life, and release whatever is hiding you from your own brightness. Come explore with me, but start the process by treasuring yourself today, wherever you are sitting, reading this.

Your fan,