Feel Your Anger

Many of us continue to hold onto old anger somewhere in our psyches, and try not to feel it. Year after year, we remember our anger towards someone, and it seems that the hurt happens anew, ripping open the wound, over and over again. The results may play out as physical symptoms and/or emotional distress. This remembering and rehashing frequently…

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The Greatest “Conspiracy Theory” of Them All

Imagine if you seriously believed that the universe was constantly conspiring in your favor. What would life be like for you, if this was your core belief in each moment, no matter what was happening? This actually is the greatest "conspiracy theory" of them all, that the universe has your back at all times. This is the operating principle of…

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Diving Deeper than the Coronavirus Headlines

Instead of constantly checking the news about the Coronavirus outbreak, or speculating about why it’s here, this is a great time for all of us to clean house. I’m not talking about cleaning your physical domicile, but about diving deeper than the Coronavirus headlines by looking within ourselves, to see exactly what about this pandemic is upsetting us most today.…

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Coronavirus and Trust – What Can I Do to Feel Better?

What's Going On? Many of us wonder what this Coronavirus is all about, and how we can trust the universe, in the face of this pandemic. I'm not answering this as a nurse, although that is my background and training. I'd like to address this question from the belief that we all are in the hands of Source. In my…

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Maureen with her "thumbs up" sign.

Message for Today: Just do it!

Hmmm. Yes, you’ve heard that before. I’m talking about your intuition here, as I borrow from Nike. 😜 When we receive exciting guidance for our lives, it seems to me it is always in the now moment. Intuition comes in as a Swoosh! (Sorry, couldn’t resist! 😆) ...and we get excited and delighted with the possibilities! Yay! But sometimes, we…

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We Are All the Same, Except Different

Sometimes we look at people who strike us as especially aware, awake, or enlightened as being better than us. We want what they have, and we feel jealous because they embody our ideal selves. Seeing that in others can spur us on to become our own best selves, but the truth about awakening is that it is available to all…

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Faith and Reason

Balance and Love

I once had a friend who allowed her son to ride his bicycle without a helmet. I asked her why she didn’t demand that he wear one. This was 30 years ago, and I remember her response to this day. She said “I trust God to protect him.” I remember this because I didn’t have a reply for her. I…

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  What Is It That We Want? I have the answer: Satisfaction. Consider the fact that when each and every desire we have is fulfilled, we all get a great “Ahhh” feeling. Whether you call it satisfaction, peacefulness, happiness, or bliss, for all of us, it is the same. No matter what we want, positive or negative though it may…

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All You Need Is Love

All You Need is LOVE!

What is Love? We expect that with our loved ones, we’d have deep, warm and fuzzy feelings coming from mutual unconditional acceptance and preference for each other. When those feelings are absent from our hearts, we may question if we truly love them. However, by that definition, we may not love very many, except perhaps our immediate families and cute…

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  Surrender and grow What would life feel like if you knew, deep down in your bones, that everything that happens to you is orchestrated specifically for your growth? If you really KNEW this, would you be upset when things don’t go your way? Would you feel the need to put up a fight against each perceived injustice? Would each…

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