Advanced Reiki Classes at Open Hands ReikiAdvanced Reiki Training (ART) Certification 

Advanced Reiki Training is for those who desire a more in-depth study of Reiki techniques and meditations. Reiki 2, taken about 6 months prior, is the prerequisite, preparing you to dive deeper into your Self and your practice. It’s up to you to decide if you are ready for this advanced class.

This ART class, or Advanced Reiki Training, can be taken without the Master Class if you want to learn the Master Level symbols and take the next step in Reiki (including the attunement), but don’t want to teach Reiki. This is a full day class/workshop, and is a prerequisite to the Reiki Master Class, which is offered soon after. This is a very fun and informative class, with lots of hands-on practice. Both this class and the Master class are deeply healing. The attunement opens the student to higher level Reiki frequencies.

We will review the basics of Reiki, discussing any questions you have in an open way. You will learn how to make a Reiki Crystal Grid, and we will set one up together, in class. You’ll learn all about the Master Symbol. You will learn about Reiki guides, and possibly meet your own guide. We’ll learn and practice a Reiki moving meditation and discuss what you may encounter in a Reiki session, and how to clear the aura, among other practical topics.

This is one of the most varied classes, because at this point, you have been working with Reiki for quite some time, and we are able to go deeper in conversation and experiential practice. If you feel called to move into a deeper space in your life with Reiki, I encourage you to register for this class/workshop. See what Source has in store for you! We are honored to be your tour guides. 

Reiki Master Certification

Have you desired to teach and attune others to Reiki? This is a desire from the heart, and I encourage you to follow that star! In this Reiki Master Training class, you will learn just how to do that, and receive another amazing attunement that will open your Reiki channels even further! You’ll also become acquainted with more tools to practice and develop the quality of your Reiki energy. You may take this class after the Advanced Reiki Training class.

In this class, you will receive higher frequencies of Reiki energy. This workshop is so healing because, in addition to the attunement you will receive, you also will be practicing Reiki attunements on each other. The fact that you are telling the world that you will be bringing in this blessing for all, brings in amazing, supportive energy! I am so pleased to offer you this next step!

In this Master Class, we will devote lots of time to learning how to do attunements and practicing them. But we also discuss the question of who is a Master, and what that means, why teach Reiki, and more information about attuenements. We will discuss how to work with energetic attachments, which you may find in your sessions with clients. You will be given two Tibetan Reiki symbols in this class, and information about how to use them.

Please consider this next step in a heartfelt way. Reiki is a wonderful path, and so many can be blessed through your work. You will represent Reiki in this world, and that is wonderful! If you feel that this is your next step, I encourage you to listen to your intuition and join all the Reiki Masters throughout our world, who are offering Light and Love at this time! Namaste!