Intuitive Reiki is a beautiful practice that helps us find our center, returning us to our inborn peacefulness and resilience, even amid life’s challenging times. The sessions are balancing and centering, and can lift us up when we forget our personal power and who we truly are. This wonderful Reiki energy is constantly flowing throughout my sessions, to give you what you need. I receive intuitive insights during the treatment, and I’ll share these with you along the way.

Emotional Lightening

Emotions such as fear, depression and anger, common responses to our past experiences, may come up during an intuitive Reiki session. Reiki helps us to loosen their hold on us, to see them in a different light, and even to release the related energies during a session. We tend to carry these feelings and energies, until we realize they are hurting us.

Reiki and the intuitive work we do together, help us integrate memories of our past experiences into our psyche and our spirits, in a better way.

Reiki calms the mind and fosters peacefulness. A lightness of being comes, replacing the heavy emotions that have weighed us down. As we come more and more into our own balance, our lives fill with more ease, and we become beacons of light in our world.

Spiritual/Energetic Awareness

Reiki helps us to become more aware of our inner life, regardless of our beliefs and mental philosophies. Its transformative work is on the inside. I’ve had clients become quite surprised to feel, during a session, that they are actually more than flesh and blood!

Reiki honors our own path and timing, and the issues that come up are the ones we are ready to address. The goal is to help us to grow into our own, innate wholeness, which is unique for each person.

Physical Relief

Reiki promotes pain relief after surgery, and from illnesses or accidents. What’s more, Intuitive Reiki sessions work well, alongside medical care. They enhance natural healing, relax tight muscles, and ease tension and stress. Positivity is a natural byproduct of a Reiki session.

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