Welcome! You’ve arrived at a place of peace and rest. Open Hands Reiki provides a sacred space where inner growth and wholeness can flourish. We work together to allow your unique healing process to unfold.

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Spirit Immersion Program (**My Signature Program!)

What part of you is ready to receive transformational acceptance, so that you can, at last, live the life of freedom that you’ve only dreamed of? Come and see what we have to offer you!

Where do you want to go, in your personal growth process? I can work with you to find your inner, core strengths. Discover your place in the Universe and who you are, in the process, by Immersion in Spirit! 

Intuitive Sessions

Experience inner radiance and peace while rediscovering your natural well-being through an Intuitively-guided Transformational Energy Session, and also receive a personal, channeled message that is for you alone.


Your ability to share Reiki is folded up inside of you, awaiting discovery! Learning Reiki is a great way to open more fully to spirit and energy! Experience how if feels to channel this nurturing energy for your own spiritual growth and healing, and as a blessing to others, with Michele DeCamp of Leading Light Reiki, who is a graduate of my Reiki program, which closed in 2019.

I also host other classes to enhance your spiritual and personal growth, for Reiki students and anybody else with a desire to experience and learn more, deepen their practice, and live freer. One of the favorites is Meet Your Spirit Guide, where you can meet and learn to work with your own guide! I invite you to come and see what treasures you can find within your spirit. Simply click on the right side box that says “Transformational Energy Offerings”.