Maureen in the forest, holding a feather. Her hand is on her heart.

My heart and life have been devoted to Spirit, ever since I was a young child. Connecting and being aware of my connection, has been at the heart of who I am and how I serve. As a retired RN, I bring that knowledge and insight into my sessions. I pass on the channeled blessings of Reiki and intuitive messages in all my work.

In 2005, I felt a deep calling, and began studying Shamanism, which is the study of healing from a spiritually alive and connected perspective. Over time, it took me to beautiful places inside myself, of freedom, wholeness, and deeper spiritual awareness. In 2007, Usui Reiki brought me a meaningful way to administer the full range of wholeness, to myself and others, energetically and naturally. Seeing its benefits in myself and the lives of my loved ones, I pursued Reiki Mastership in the Usui tradition, as well as Mastership in Karuna, Crystal, Elemental, and Ra-Sheeba Reiki, and I am learning Lightarian Reiki at this time. Reiki has surpassed my wildest expectations, when it comes to ushering in balance and wholeness at every level of the human being!

As an intuitive Reiki Master and Spiritual Guide, I give intuitive Reiki sessions, teach and initiate others into traditional Usui Reiki, administer a Spirit Immersion Program and run a healing center in Edmonds, called Daylight Healing Center. We offer Meditation, Yoga, Hypnosis, PSYCH-K, Coaching, and numerous uplifting events. Daylight is the home of my Reiki energy practice. We host monthly Reiki Shares, for anyone attuned to Reiki.